​​​​​Their only son Thomas Rolfe was raised in England and had a daughter named Anne Rolfe.  She stayed in England with her mother Elizabeth Washington.

Thomas returned to Virginia where his father had left him a large plantation.  Thomas was remarried to Jane Poythress and had another daughter, Jane Rolfe, before he died at a young age.


Pocahontas and John Rolfe Jr. were married in order to create relations with the Algonquian tribes. Secretly, Pocahontas whose name was originally Watoaka, was lured upon a ship by another female and held captive.  John Rolfe Jr. seduced and forced himself upon her and she conceived a child.  Although two years later she died from the shock of being manipulated and raped, she never told her father....  She was only 14 years old.


Watoaka's' father Wah-hun-se-NAC-awk (Chief Powhatan) was widely revered and loved by all his people.  Pocahontas (Watoaka) was the apple of the tribes eye.  She was loved for being much like her father but without his abrupt and sometimes frightening appearance.  She was the tribes diplomat and center of attention.  The short time John Rolfe Jr. and Watoaka (Pocahontas) lived together in Virginia, relations with the Algonquian tribes succeeded and prospered.  King Wah-hun-se-NAC-awk gave John Rolfe Jr. and his new wife vast lands and property.  Watoaka shortly after took the long journey by ship to England and gave birth to a son, Thomas, soon after landing.   Upon hearing Watoaka (Pocahontas) died in England a year after Thomas was born, the entire tribe rose up and battled fiercely with the British settlers and many were killed on both sides including John Rolfe Jr. and King Wah-hun-se-NAC-awk. 


Years later the Kings elderly cousin ordered a surprise attack where 300 unsuspecting settlers were slaughtered.  Pretending to be peaceful the Algonquians spread out through the town and attacked without warning.  This detestable act influenced the British tactics in the slaughter of over 350 million Native Americans in the years that followed.  The worst mass murder and unsurpassed event ever known and now it's not funny to pretend to be an indian and dress up like them because it is not something they enjoy or think is fun. It has traumatised all Native Americans to the point of despair.  The highest suicide rate is among Native Americans and there are over 250 million Natives living on reservations and in the work force of America.  In fact, the Native Americans have fought with us to help win our wars.


The loss of Watoaka (Pocahontas) and her father King Wah-hun-se-NAC-awk is one of the worlds greatest unsung tragedies.  They sprang from the earth like a flame because the conditions were right....


Thomas Rolfe, Watoaka's son, now has over 900,000 British descendants living in Great Britain, America and many other places of the world.  Her spirit of the proud race of Algonquins is honoured with tears and has an eternal home in the ancient culture that began many centuries ago when the Greek's started keeping records of their studies of life.  This ancient civilisation has grown into the world we live in every day.  Good and Bad.  


We can not return to stop the past from being so terrible, but we can work together to build a bridge to a better future.  We are all children born into a world we had no control over.  Now we can change that.  This is our chance right now.

Pocahontas and John Rolfe JR.